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Monday, 27 July 2015

Abandoned Mind - Abandoned Mind Games

58 Woodside Circle, Torrington, Connecticut, 06790-2238, USA
Phone: (860) 618-5014
Website: http://mariozecca.com/ (redirects to Mario's Facebook page)
Free downloads: http://mariozecca.com/downloads/downloads.shtml

Flourished: Early/mid- 2000's? (resurrected, current)
Mario Zecca - Artist/Proprietor/Publisher/Sculptor
Charles Morgan - Artist

Apparently a relatively short lived On-off (currently 'on') venture as part of the owner's other ventures/experiments in the creative arts. White-metal figures in 40mm or toward the larger-end of the 28/35mm bracket, game rule-sets and free downloads were produced with more planned. Most links that are still surviving on the web redirect to Mario's Facebook page, where he's involved in on-line gaming, graphics and self-publishing, but not - sadly; figures or rule sets, one feels however, that he will come back to gaming some day?

A sculpting service was also offered at one point.

[14th December 2015 - See update from the horses-mouth below]

Figure Listing
AML01 - Rogue Kalhuman - Alien Scientist/Priest (metal miniature, 40mm)
AML02 - Dimensional Troll Enforcer (metal miniature, 40mm)
AML03 - Radiohead - 1950s Movie Alien (metal miniature, 40mm)
AML04 - Two Headed Puppet Alien (metal miniature, 40mm)
AMA01 - Ape 1 (metal miniature, 35mm)
AMA02 - Ape 2 (metal miniature, 35mm)
AMA03 - Boss Gorilla (metal miniature, 35mm)
AMH01 - Rowar Kayne - Undead Slayer (metal miniature, 40mm)
AHM02 -
AMH03 - Flash Carter - Star Opera Hero (metal miniature, 40mm)
AMH04 - Young Viv - Hostile Punk (metal miniature, 40mm)
AMH05 - Keith Stone - Rock Star (metal miniature, 40mm)
AMH07 - Darl - Obnoxious Neighbour (metal miniature, 40mm)
AMH08 - Ling - Asian Girl with Braid (Metal miniature, 40mm)
Kung Fu Family (KFF, Heroic-Sized Metal Miniatures compatible with 25-34mm miniatures and plastic click figures for Pulp and Modern Miniature Gaming and RPG's)
AMKF01 - Ken, Karla, Keli and Ken Junior (metal miniatures, 4 Pieces)
AMKF21 - KFF Villains: Slymevil and 3 Zombie Ninja Nuns (metal miniatures, 4 Pieces)
AMKF22 - KFF Villains: Slymevil (metal miniature, 1 Piece)
AMKF23 - KFF Villains: Zombie Ninja Nuns (metal miniatures, 3 Pieces)
? - KFF Villains: Slymevil and 7 Zombie Ninja Nuns (metal miniatures, 8 Pieces)
AMM01 - Werewolf (metal miniature, 40mm)
AMM02 - The Burgemugg Monster - Lazarus Golem (metal miniature, 40mm)

Rule Sets
Kung Fu Family Rules
- Kung Fu Family Rules (free download only rule system)   
- Kung Fu Family Rules (printed copy purchase - bonus free 14 page comic book included)
- Abandoned Mind Games (free download only basic rule system)
Proposed Projects
- The HeroSaga (game mechanics for 25-34 mm scale Role Playing, and skirmish-level)
- SuperSaga (supplement that adds game mechanics for gaming heroic and super-being archetypes)
- Fyrealm (fantasy world campaign setting, where the musket is not always victorious over sword or spell)
- Heroes of Fortune (interpretation of mythological, legendary and fictional adventurers and their exploits)
- DeathEarth (supplement and setting for surviving in the near apocalyptic future)
- Star Opera (game mechanics, settings and adventures for futuristic cultures, technology and alien contact)

Links (see also Mario's own update below):

They Say:
"Miniature and RPG game mechanics and heroic-sized tabletop gaming miniatures, averaging 28-34 mm or 1/60 to 1/48 in scale, compatible with 25-34 mm miniatures and plastic click figures. Suitable for Gothic, Pulp, Victorian, Modern, SF, Fantasy RPG and Miniature Gaming"

He Says
The miniatures are still available as is the game Kung Fu Family. I have written a satirical fantasy novel in the interim, “The Goddess of Pigland” and am planning to return to miniature making. 
Abandoned Mind Games is now a FB [Facebook] webpage here:
Kung Fu Family Rules! here:
Kung Fu Family Miniatures and a  few other miniatures here:
The Goddess of Pigland

Thanks To
Mario for the update (December 2015)

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