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Sunday, 26 July 2015

ABC - HK - Hong Kong

Hong Kong.
Mark: ABC in a diamond lozenge lying on its long-side.

See also; CK, CM, CMV and HK.

Early (but poorer quality) Hong Kong based pirate producing rack-toys at the bottom end of the market. Various figures mostly pirates of other manufacturers, all marked ‘ABC’ and/or Hong Kong. Similar ranges/figures issued by the other marks mentioned above suggest some sort of (lose?) relationship between them all.

Listing (incomplete)
20mm WWII range (sets)
- Combat (1965, piracies of Kleeware mini-truck and 7 Britains Lilliput)
- Unbreakable Military Police Patrol
40/50mm range (loose)
- 8th Army/Desert Infantry (at least 2 poses, cross-copies of Crescent/Timpo)
- Indians (3+ poses, piracies of Britains ‘Swoppets’)
- Knights (piracies of Britains ‘Swoppets’)
- Renaissance (piracies of Britains Herald ECW)
- US Marines (ex-Britains hollow-cast)
- British Line Infantry (ex-Britains hollow-cast)
Other Items
- Mini Trucks (Kleeware [from Dinky] 1-ton Humber 30kwt truck piracies)

- Cargo Lorries (tinplate/plastic, various bodies/liveries seen including ABC)

Probably ABC (as per the ex-hollow cast items above)
- Kahki Infantry Stading at Attention (ex-Britains Herald)
- Highland Bansmen (ex-Britains Herald)
- Highlanders (ex-Britains Herald)
- Guardsmen (ex-Britains Herald)
- RAF Regiment (ex-Britains hollow-cast)
- [Cowboys]  (ex-Britains swoppets)


Further Reading
Plastic Warrior magazine No. 158

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