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Saturday, 1 August 2015

AB (Anthony Barton) - AB Figures - Battle Honours - Empress - Eureka - Fighting 15's - Milicast - Tony Barton - Wargames South

Ffos Yr Ewig, Llanfynydd, Carmarthen, Wales, SA32 7DD, UK
Honeystone, East Williamstone, Tenby, SA70 8RT, UK
Phone: +44 (0)1834 810307
Fax: +44 (0)1834 810307
Website: http://www.abfigures.co.uk/ (old site - link dead)
Homepage: http://abfigures.com/ (Eureka-backed website)

See also: Empress Miniatures (have some of the artillery models), Eureka Miniatures (Australia, hold moulds), Eureka Miniatures USA (carry stock in N. America) and Fighting 15's (UK stockist)
Previously carried by: Battle Honours (1980's) Milicast and Wargames South?

Tony Barton - Owner/founder/sculptor (the 'AB' of the various AB's)
Michael and Lynda Hickling - Ran AB Figures from (?) until approximately 2013
Ian Marsh - Head of Fighting 15's

Metal manufacturer of 1:76th scale seated figures for vehicles, war-gaming troops in 15 and 20mm and some artillery models, all in white metal. They have supplied (specially created?) figures for a Normandy Landing diorama presented to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford by MAFVA’s London branch. They aim at a 'true' 1:76th scale/20mm size range at 4mm-1 foot.

A complicated history which only got more complicated a year or two ago. Tony tended to issue licences rather than working for himself, and this has lead to problems in the past, and resulted in a hiatus when he came to retire, this was solved when Eureka (who had been handling the Napoleonic range for some time) stepped in.

Various statements have been issued by various parties, some findable in the links below, suffice to say that the website which had been there since the early days of the internet went dead, only to be replaced by another which appears to be AB Figures, but is an extension of Eureka's operations. Tony Barton has retired, and has handed control of those ranges still extant to Eureka. Eureka has cleaned-up moulds, invested in new masters and works with partners to ensure as much as possible of the old AB inventory is still available

World War II Gaming Figures
World War II AFV Crew Figures
Artillery pieces
Flags (?)

Links / What Other People Say (discussions on recent events, for range see link above)

What They Say
"Men in miniature for the dedicated wargamer & collector"

What This Entry Needs
Full (and historical) Product Listings
Decent Company History/Timeline

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