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Saturday, 1 August 2015

AB1 - AB1 Games - ABOne - AB One Games

Basically - 'Not Known'!

I have an empty file in the archive marked AB1 (AB one) Games, but can find nothing else about it?

Contenders are Animoca Brands who list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as AB1; having only been formed in 2014, they may have had an earlier incarnation as AB1 Games, or one of the contributing parts of the new entity might be connected to the older reference.

Board Game Geek has an Abi Games linking to a dead web-page (http://www.abigames.com/), with no products listed on BBG it would seem to have been short-lived and requires a typo to be the originator of my empty file!

AB One Games*

However there is an AB One Games, who were/are (?) a publisher of watermarked PDF/digital-download rule sets. Hard to know if they are still extant or not, several of their rule-sets are still available on some of the bigger RPG support sites but where the money's going is not clear.


What This Entry Needs
Sorting out, clarifying and product listing for AB One Games
Homepage/website for AB One games
Company History for AB One Games

* Animoca and Abi will get separate entries

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