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Monday, 27 July 2015

A&A Game Engineering / A and A Games / A&AGE

20 Shrublands Court, Mill Crescent, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1PH, UK
Tel: 01732  770 811

Produce rule sets, which are available as .pdf files or as print-on-demand paper copies from Wargame Vault, their retail/trading partner, where more product details are also to be found.

Product Listing
Naval Games
- Action Stations (coastal forces in the First and Second World Wars)
- Blue Steel, Grey Thunder (supplement for Iron and Fire, with additional ship data and expanded rules)
- Bulldogs Away (fast attack craft in the modern era)
- Fighting Fleets (ship grids and game data for Perfidious Albion and Fire When Ready)
- Fire When Ready (pre-Dreadnought battles)
- Form Line Of Battle (wargames rules for the age of sail)
- Grand Fleet Actions In The Age Of Sail (fleet actions in the age of sail)
- Iron And Fire (Ironclad actions in the American Civil War and elsewhere)
- Jutland (fleet battles in World War I)
- Perfidious Albion (pre-Dreadnought battles in more detail)
- Salamis Ad Actium (ancient naval warfare in the age of the galley)
- Sea Wars Fleet Actions (large scale fleet actions 1885 to 1945)
- Stations Manned And Ready - Part 1 (WWI)
- Stations Manned And Ready - Part 2 ( WWII surface action)
- Stations Manned And Ready - Part 3 (WWII carrier warfare, 2007)
- Stations Manned And Ready - Edition II (naval rules for the period from 1880 to 1945 for ships and aircraft)
- Tsushima (pre-Dreadnought rules for large battles)

Air Combat Rules
- Fox Two Reheat! (air combat in the jet age)
- Scramble (World War Two aerial combat, this product has the supplement Angels 15)
- Angels 15 (supplement for Scramble)
- Stringbags (World War One aerial combat)

Quick Referance Sheets (available from A&AGE)
- Action Stations 4th Edition (A4 format)
- Form Line of Battle 5th Edition (A4 or A3 are available)
- Stations Manned and Ready 2nd Edition (A4 format)
- Tsu Shima 2nd Edition (A4 format)
- Jutland 2nd Edition (A4 format)
- Iron and Fire 3rd Edition (A4 format)

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