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Monday, 27 July 2015

A1 - A-One Ltd. - Asakusa Gangu Ningyo - Asakusa Showa - Asakusa Toy Ltd. - Asakasa Toy Company - Asakusa Toys & Dolls Co., Ltd. - Asakasu - ATD

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan


Company or series of companies making tin-plate toys, often for other marks, and [/or] dolls. Plastic was increasingly used, and rubber was employed for tyres and such-like. Battery-powered features included moving parts, driving vehicles and light-up components.

Listings vary between '...usa' and '...asu' spelling, may be two separate companies or marks? Asakusa is the commoner spelling. Kevin Dockerill further identifies two companies, both in Tokyo, I suspect they are different generations of the same company, but there may be three hiding in this listing! Asakusa is a district in the old town (or 'Low Town') in Tokyo, so more than one toy company might well have adopted the moniker for/as part of their branding.

- A1 (within a cartoon face with crown)
- ATD (in a circle)

Known Products
Art NO. A-14289 - London Double Decker Bus
- Astro Boy Atom Tetsuwan DX Parade Vehicle (battery operated, tin-plate and plastic)
- Auto Carrier (car transporter, tin-plate with plastic glazing and rubber wheels)
- Buick Police Car (battery operated, tin-plate and plastic)
- Corvair-95 Minivan (battery operated, tin-plate and plastic)
- Electric Train
- Flying Astro Boy (clockwork, tin plate with celluloid or rubber head)
- Service Truck (pick-up, tin-plate, plastic glazing)
- Space Radar Pilot (battery operated, tin-plate trolley with plastic astronaut, fires discs, 1960's, made for/sold by Asahi Trading)
- Space TV Pilot (battery operated, tin-plate trolley with plastic astronaut, 1960's)
- Thunder Robot (battery-powered, tin plate and plastic, approximately1957)

Kevin Dockerill's A1 Mark
Kevin Dockerill's ATD Mark

What This Entry Needs
Further product listings
Company details and/or splitting
Doll information

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