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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Abilità - Model Design - 'Soldatini Da Collezione'

VGF Mariti 47, Capretti 50127, Firenze, Italy
Tel: 351806


Maker of 'connoisseur' figure kits in 54mm solid white metal, figures were 54, 75 or 90mm

Listing (all description could use better translations)
54mm Foot Figures
S1 - 1834, Carabinieri Corporal, Sardinia, Dress Tunic
S2 - 1834, Carabinieri Corporal, Sardinia, Undress Tunic
S3 - 1864, Austro-Hungarian Infantryman in Greatcoat
S4 - 1859, Austrian Infantryman in Marching Order
S5 - 1859, Austrian Junior Officer
S6 - 1861, Italian Marine in Shore Hat (wide-brimmed hat)
S6B - 1861, Italian Marine in Sea Dress (same pose as S6 with peaked cap)
S7 - 1793, Papal States, Ships Officer
S8 - 1822, Sardinian Ship's Lieutenant in Undress Tunic
S9 - 1860, Italian Staff, Major General
S10 - 1861, Italian Captain of Artillery in Campaign Tunic
S11 - 1882, Italy, Major of Bersaglieri
S12 - 1849, Venice-Lombardy, Corporal of the Rifle Regiment (?)
S13 - 1894, Italian Guards Regiment, Rifleman
S14 - 1945, Rifleman, National Liberation Corps
S15 - 1934, General of the Army, Parade Dress
S16 - 1968, Carabinieri Cavalry Officer, Special Forces
S17 - 1943, Italian Infantryman
S18 - 1860-70, Ensign-Lieutenant, Dress Uniform with Colours
S19 - 1860-70, Infantryman, Dress Uniform
S19B - 1860-70, Infantryman, Campaign Dress
S20 - 1860-70, Officer, Parade Dress
S21 - 8th Century BC, Pre-Roman Proto-Etruscan (Villanoviano)
S22 - 5th-3rd Century BC, Pre-Roman Etruscan
S23 - 6th-5th Century BC, Pre-Roman Etruscan (Porsenna)
S24 - 1811/12, Trumpeter of Guards
S25 - 1811/12, Cavalry, Guard of Honour
S26 - 1813, Gendarme, Royal Guard
S27 - 16th Century Renaissance Trumpeter
S28 - 16th Century Renaissance Gonfalone (flag bearer)
S29 - 16th Century Renaissance Drummer
S30 - 8th-9th Century, Medieval Europe, Oriental Avar Cavalryman
S31 - 8th-9th Century, Medieval Europe, Longobard, Carolingian Cavalry (?)
S32 - 8th-9th Century, Medieval Normandy, Viking
S33 - 1882-98, Italian Infantry in Marching Order
S34 - 1880-98, Italian Bersaglieri in Tropical Marching Order
S35 - 1880-83, Italian Alpini in Marching Order
S36 - 1923-28, Colonial Trooper of Carabinieri
S37 - 1885, Colonial Lieutenant of Bersaglieri
S38 - 1885, Colonial Infantry, Full Marching Order
S39 - 1846, Papal States, Swiss Guard
S39B - 1900, Papal States, Swiss Guard
S40 - 1859, Papal States, Vice/Lance Corporal of Dragoons
S41 - 1861/62 Papal States, Zouave, Marching Order
S42 - 1801, Duchy of Parma, Royal Halberdiers, Officer
S43 - 1790, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Royal Tuscan Fusilier
S44 - 1814, Naples, Murat's Guard de Corps
S45 - Circa 1350, Hungarian Archer
S46 - Circa 1200, Italian Infantryman
S47 - Circa 1200, Italian Infantryman with lantern
54mm Cavalry Mounted
SC1 - 1848, Sardinian Officer of the Royal Corps of Artillery
SC2 - 1981, Carabinieri of Cavalry, Parade Uniform
SC3 - 1860-20, Cavalry Captain in Parade Tunic
SC4 - 1855, Sardinian 'Saluzzo' Regiment (?), Crimean War, Captain
54mm Personality Series
AP S1 - 1860, General Giuseppe Garibaldi
AP S2 - 1860, King Vittorio Emanuele II (Victor Emmanuelle)
AP S3 - 14th-15th Century, King, Germanic Kingdom of Mainz
75mm Figures
75S1 - 1833, America, Big Chief Mato-Tope
75SC1 - Piero Farnese, Commandant of the Florentine Forces, Battle of Montecatini
90mm Figures
90S1 - 1829, Sicily, Foot Gendarme, Dress Uniform
90S2 - 1822, Sicily, First Sergeant of the Royal Guard, Dress Uniform

What This Entry Needs
Better history of company/demise
Useful links?

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