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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

ABS Models - ABS Streetscene - Dalestreet Transport Models - DJB Engineering - Key Kits

Riverlea, Hyde, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 7NX, UK
Then: Poole, Dorset?

1:76th scale (OO Gauge/4mm) model bus kits in whitemetal along with other civilian transport, over time they inherited the ranges of several rival makers/fellow enthusiasts, and put them into production. Among them the ex-Brackenborough/EAMES models have the added bonus of pre-printed/pre-coloured plastic body sides. Dalestreet was a parallel range of O-gauge products; see separate entry under 'D'.

Key Kits
Key Kits became the mail order department/handlers of ABS Models. They seem to have ceased trading (for the time being?), the models can be followed-up through Adrian Swain on +44 (0)1202 672 891, who is also apparently handling Wrightlines models.

Vehicle Kit Listing - ABS Streetscene
Steam Power
R100 - Allchin Traction Engine
R101 - Fowler Showmans Engine B6
R102 - Burrell Showmans Engine 1914
R103 - Burrell Road Locomotive 1918
R104 -
R105 -
R106 -
R107 -
R108 -
R109 -
R110 -
R111 - Foden Type D Tractor 1925
R112 - Foden Type C Lowsided Lorry
R113 - Foden 6t 3-way Tipper 1925
R114 - Foden K 6wh 12t Tipper 1925
R115 - Foden K 6wh GWR Lowsided
R116 - Foden K 6wh GWR Winch

Horse Power
R150 - Whitbread Horse Dray
R151 - 3 Horse Bus "Omnibus"
R152 - 4 Horse Mail coach
R153 - Horse Tram "The People"
R154 - Horse Tram "L.C.C."

Coaches and Saloons
R170 -
R171 -
R172 -
R173 - Bristol/Alexander Y-type 36' B49F 1970's Coach (ex-Anbrico)
R174 -
R175 - AEC Regal III/ROE BET 1938 Style (ex-Anbrico)
R176 -
R177 -
R178 -
R179 - AEC Reliance [or: Leyland Leopard] Plaxton Panorama Elite-1 36' 1960's (ex-Anbrico)
R180 - AEC Regal/Willowbrook coach
R181 - Leyland Lion PLSC1 F/E Short B31F (ex-Anbrico)
R182 -
R183 -
R184 - Albion Valkyrie/Burlingham 1/2 canopy
R185 -
R186 - Bedford OWB open top
R187 -
R188 - Bristol Rell S/D Mk I
R189 -
R190 - Dennis Domino/Optare
R191 - Leyland Lion PLSC1 R/E Short B31R (ex-Anbrico)
R192 -
R193 - Alexander Y-type 36' C49F 1960's Coach (ex-Anbrico)
R194 - AEC Regal 111/Burlingham Half-cab Coach - Early Post-war (ex-Anbrico)
R195 - Leyland Tiger TS8/ROE BET-style, 1938 (ex-Anbrico)
R196 - Leyland  'TF' Green Line FEC C34F
R197 -
R198 - Bristol Rell D/D Mk I
R199 -
R200 - Guy GS/ECW London Transport 'GS' Guy N/C Bus 1954 (ex-GS Models)
R201 - AEC Renown London General Omnibus Co./London Transport 'LTL' Class 1921 'Scooter' Bus (ex-GS Models)
R202 -
R203 -
R204 - AEC Regal IV/MCW 1966 London Transport 'RF Class Modernised G/L (ex-GS Models)
R205 - Plaxton Supreme 1V C/D
R206 - Willowbrook Spacecar
R207 - Bristol RE Coach ECW "RELH" C47F
R208 - Bristol Alexander M-type Motorway Coach C42Ft (ex-Westward)
R209 - London Transport T Weymann 1946 
R211 - Leyland Lion PLSC1 D/D - Leyland PLSC1 Lion B29D Municipal
R212 - Bristol "LS" Royal Blue - Bristol LS/ECW Royal Blue Coach
R213 - Bristol LS6G/ECW Touring Coach with Roof Lights (ex-Westward)
R214 - Burlingham Seagull 30' Coach C41C C/E (ex-Anbrico)
R215 - Bedford/Duple Vista 1945 'OB' Coach (ex-Anbrico)
R216 - Ford Transit Strachan Mk1 16-seat Minibus
R217 - Duple Dominant I 36' (10m) Coach Low Destination Coach/Grant Door C/D (ex-Westward)
R218 - Bristol Rell S/D Mk II - Bedford/Duple Bella Vega
R219 - BET 1958 Willowbrook
R220 - Bedford SB/Duple 'S' Super Vega C41F 1955 (ex-Anbrico)
R221 -
R222 -
R223 - Bristol Rell open top
R224 -
R225 - AEC Reliance or Leyland Leopard BET-style 1964 Willowbrook B45F (ex-Westward)
R226 - Bristol ECW "RELH" 11m
R228 - Guy Wolf Soft/Open-top
R227 - ? [see below]
R229 -
R230 - AEC Willowbrook Regal 3 bus
R231 - Leyland B35R 1927/Leyland Lion PLSC3 R/E (ex-Anbrico)
R232 - Bristol Duple Royal Blue LL6B/C37F Express Coach with Roof Luggage Rack (ex-Westward)
R233 - Duple Dominant I 36' (11m) Coach Roof Destination Grant Door (ex-Westward)
R234 - Duple Dominant I 36' (11m) Coach Roof Destination Coach Door (ex-Westward)
R235 - Plaxton Supreme LT/TD Weymann V C/D
R236 - Duple Dominant 10m Executive Coach 1970's
R237 - Plaxton Supreme Coach 11m Coach Doors
R238 - Duple Duple Dominant I 36' (11m) Grant Door Low Destination
R239 - Duple Duple Dominant I 36' (11m) Coach Door Low Destination
R240 -
R241 - Leyland Lion B33R PLSC3 London Midland Scotland with Roof Boards
R242 - Bristol Plaxton Supreme C35F/35S 'LHS' (ex-Westward)
R243 - AEC Regal IV/MCW 1951 London Transport 'RF' Class Original Body (ex-GS Models)
R244 -
R245 - Daimler COG6/Roe BET Style 1938
R246 - London Transport ' FS ' 1979 Ford Transit Dormobile Minibus (ex-Westward)
R247 - Guy Wolf Solid-roof 
R248 - Bristol Rell D/D Mk II1
R249 - Leyland Leopard/Tiger/ECW B51F Plaxton Supreme 1V G/D Coach Door 1978-82 (ex-Anbrico)
R250 - Plaxton Supreme 11m National Coach Door Low Destination         
R251 - Leyland Lion PLSC3 B31D Cut-away Rear Entrance Dual or Single Door
R252 - Alexander Y-type 36' B49F 1970's
R253 - Alexander Y-type Bus (ex-Anbrico)
R254 - Leyland Tiger PS2 B/Mouth - Leyland PS2/Burlingham Full Front Coach 1949
R255 - Plaxton/National Supreme 2 11m Roof Destination Grant Door (ex-Westward)
R256 - Leyland Sherpa Minibus
R257 - Plaxton Supreme 2 Coach 11m Grant Door Low Destination (ex-Westward)
R258 - Bristol Rell S/D Mk III
R259 - Leyland Leopard/ECW Coach Door
R260 - Bristol ECW SC4LK B35F (ex-Anbrico)
R261 - Bedford Utility 'OWB'
R262 - Leyland Cub London Transport Central Area 1935  
R263 - Leyland Cub KP03/Short/Weymann Greenline C Class Country Area (ex-Varney)
R264 - AEC Regal LPTB/London Transport '10T10' Class Greenline 1938 (ex-Varney)
R265 - AEC Regal LPTB/London Transport '10T10' Class Central Area (ex-Varney)
R266 - ? [see below]
R267 -
R268 - Bristol Rell D/D Mk III
R269 - Leyland Leopard/Tiger ECW Grant Door B51F 1978-82 (ex-Anbrico)
R270 - Bristol L/ECW B39R DP All Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R271 - Bristol L/ECW B39R DP Half-cab Green/Cream (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R272 - Bristol L/ECW B39R DP Half-cab Red/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R273 - ? [See below]
R274 - Maudslay ML3/Buckingham Single Decker Half-cab Green/Cream (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R275 - Maudslay ML3 Half-cab Red/Cream (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R276 - Maudslay ML3 Half-canopy Red/Cream (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R277 - Maudslay ML3 Half-canopy Green/Cream (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R281 - Bristol L/ECW B39R DP Express Half-cab Green/Cream (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R282 - Bristol L/ECW B39R DP Express Half-cab Red/Cream (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R290 - Dennis Ace/ECW 1934 Western/Southern National ('Mace' (?) Ex-Garrick Leisure)
R291 - AEC/Duple Q-Type Royal Blue 1934 Elliot Bros (ex-Garrick Leisure)
R292 - Bristol JJW/ECW/Beadle 1935 Royal Blue (ex-Garrick Leisure)
R293 - AEC Regal/Duple 1 Elliott Bros 1930 Royal Blue (ex-Garrick Leisure)
R294 - Daimler CF6/Duple Elliott Bros 1930 Royal Blue (ex-Garrick Leisure)

Double Deckers
R300 - London General Omnibus Co.  ST (ex-Garrick Leisure)
R301 -
R302 - London Transport AEC/Chiswick 2/9 'STL' 11 LT Central Area 1936 (ex-Varney)
R303 - London Transport 4/9 'STL' 15 LT Country Area 1937
R304 -
R305 - AEC Regent III/Weymann Regent 111 H56R 1947 (ex-Westward)
R306 -
R307 - AEC Regent II London Transport H48F LT 'STL' Class F/E Chiswick (ex-Model Bus Company)
R308 - AEC Regent II London Transport H48F LT 'STL' Class F/E Weymann (ex-Model Bus Company)
R309 - AEC Regent III/Weymann Open-top O56R 1947 (ex-Westward)
R310 - London Transport AEC Regent/Weymann L53R LT 'RLH' Class 1952 (ex-Anbrico)
R311 - AEC/Chiswick LT Tunnel Body (ex-Anbrico)
R312 - AEC Regent/Tilling 'ST' Open Stairs (ex-Anbrico)
R313 - Birch Bros. Interurban (ex-Varney) - Leyland Titan PD1/Willowbrook Birch Bros Interurban Bus
R314 - London Transport 'MD' Dual Door Metropolitan     
R315 -
R316 -
R317 - London Transport MCW Metrobus II Dual Door (ex-Model Bus Company)
R318 -
R319 -
R320 - AEC Renown/London Transport 'LPTB' Bluebird LT Class 1931 (ex-GS Models)
R321 - Open-top R.318 Leyland/Daimler Sightseeing
R322 - London General Omnibus Co. 'B Type' 1912 Open-top 'Old Bill' (ex-Varney)
R323 - Dennis 4-ton/Dodson Open-top Ballon Tyres General Service (ex-Varney)
R324 - Leyland LB2 N/Dodson Open-top Solid Tyres Express
R325 -
R326 - BEA 1 1/2-deck airport bus
R327 - MCW Metrobus II Single Door H46/31F
R328 - Volvo Ailsa/Alexander Metropolitan Single Door
R329 - Albion Lowlander
R330 -
R332 - AEC Regent III London Transport 'RT' Central Area Class 1947 (ex-Varney)
R333 - Dennis Dominator SYPTE 1981/4    
R334 - AEC London Transport 'RT'.Park Royal/Weymann LT Greenline/Country Area (ex-Varney)
R335 - London Transport 'RT' Craven Body (ex-Varney)
R336 - AEC Routemaster 1959 London Transport "RM" Red Central Area (ex-Varney)
R337 - AEC Routemaster London Transport "RM" Shillibeer (ex-Varney)
R338 - ARC Routemaster London Transport 'RMC' Greenline (ex-Varney)
R339 - Leyland Orion 1954
R340 -
R341 - London Transport 'ST' Round Cab with Gas Producing Trailer (ex-Varney)
R342 - London Transport 'ST' Square Cab with Gas Producing Trailer (ex-Varney)
R341/2 - London Transport 'ST' Round and Square Cab with Gas Producer Trailer (ex-Varney)
R343 - London Transport Tilling 'ST' open stair
R344 - London Transport AEC RT/Chiswick 1939 'ST' Pre-war Body Style (ex-Varney)
R345 -
R346 -
R347 -
R348 -
R349 -
R350 - Bristol 'K' Lowbridge C
R351   Bristol K/ECW Lowbridge G/C L53R Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R352   Bristol K/ECW Lowbridge R/C L53R Red/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R353   Bristol LD 'Lodekka'/ECW H60RD 1954 Green/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R354   Bristol LD 'Lodekka'/ECW H60RD 1954 Red/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R355   Bristol LD 'Lodekka'/ECW H60RD 1954 Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R356   Leyland PD2/MCW Orion 27' H-R SELNEC Orange/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R357   Leyland PD2/MCW Orion 27' 1954 H-R LT Red Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R358   Leyland PD2/MCW Orion 27' H-R BET Crimson Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R359   Leyland PD2/MCW Orion 27' 1954 H-R Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R360 - Bristol "K" Highbridge Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R361 - Bristol "K" Highbridge Green/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R362 - Bristol "K" Highbridge Red/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R363   Bristol LD 'Lodekka'/ECW H60RD 1956 Green/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R364   Bristol LD 'Lodekka'/ECW H60RD 1956 Red/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R365   Bristol LD 'Lodekka'/ECW H60RD 1954 Green/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R366 -
R367 -
R368 -
R369 -
R370 -
R371 -
R372 -
R373 - Leyland Atlantean AN68/ Park Royal H73F NBC 1974 (ex-Anbrico)
R374 -
R375 - Leyland Titan TD1 O/Stair
R376 - Leyland Titan TD1 L/Bridge
R377 -
R378 -
R379 - Leyland Atlantean/ROE 33' H72D Leeds (ex-Anbrico)
R380 - Daimler Fleetline/ROE 33' H72D Leeds  (ex-Anbrico)
R381 -
R382 -
R383 - AEC Regent 3/ROE Leeds
R384 -
R385 - Crossley DD42/8-Crossley (ex-Anbrico)
R386 -
R387 - AEC Regent 2/Weymann
R388 - Daimler COG6/Weymann
R389 -
R390 -
R391 -
R392 -
R393 -
R394 -
R395 -
R396 -
R397 - Dennis Dominator 1981/Alexander R Type SYPTE (ex-Anbrico)
R398 - Dennis Dominator 1984/Alexander R-Type SYPTE Step Entrance (ex-Anbrico)
R399 -

R400 - Hull Balcony Tram     
R401 - Hull 3 Window Tram 
R402 - Leeds Kipperbox Tram          
R403 - Leeds Service Car Single Deck         
R404 - Manchester Pilcher Tram

R500 - LUT Diddler Trolleybus

Other Commercial and Service Vehicles
R600 - Euclid 50t dump truck
R601 - Leyland Boxer builders lorry
R602 - Sherpa panel van
R603 - Sherpa pickup truck
R604 - Atkinson Borderer tractor
R605 - Albion 1934 2t box van
R606 - Albion lorry 1951
R607 - Albion 1934 2t platform lorry
R608 - Scammell MH3 & Trailer 1933
R609 - Scammell MH3 & Trailer 1938
R610 - Scammell Box-van Trailer London Transport Service Vehicle
R611 - AEC Regent III Breakdown Tender with Crane
R612 - London Transport Uniform Issue Unit
R613 - Commer van "Lyons Tea"
R614 - Seddon articulated tractor
R615 - Crane Fruehauf 40' Semi-trailer
R616 - Ford A van "Old Motor"
R617 - Ford A van "Ford"
R618 - Ford A van "Allenburys"
R619 -
R620 - DAF 38t tractor unit
R620 -
R621 -
R622 - Leyland open lorry 1923/9
R623 - Leyland platform lorry
R624 - Leyland tanker lorry
R625 - Leyland box van 1923
R626 - Commer van "Atco Mowers"
R627 - Thornycroft GWR PB platform
R628 - Thornycroft GWR PB lowsided
R629 - Thornycroft GWR PB slide tilt
R630 - Thornycroft GWR PB box van
R631 - Ford Transit 1970 "150" van
R632 - Ford Transit 1978 "160" van
R633 - Morris Minor 1000 van
R634 - Morris Marina Van
R635 -
R636 -
R637 -
R638 -
R639 -
R640 -
R641 -
R642 -
R643 -
R644 -
R645 -
R646 -
R647 -
R648 - Ford D tractor & box trailer
R649 - Ford D tractor & flat trailer
R652 - AEC Mercury 1936 4-ton Overhead Maintenance Tower Wagon, London Transport Service Vehicle B9Q
R655 - London Transport Bedford/Scammell articulated canteen
R656 - London Transport AEC Regent 1952 ex-Front Entrance STL 'Tree Lopper'

Military Vehicles
R671 - Bedford 15cwt MWD 1940
R672 - Daimler Dingo scout car 1940
R674 - Dodge 3/4t command car 1942
R675 - GMC 2.5t open truck 1941
R676 - GMC 2.5t covered truck 1941
R677 -
R678 -
R679 -
R680 - RAF Leyland covered truck 1916
R681 - RAF Leyland open truck 1916
R682 - "Old Bill" B type bus 1914

Private Cars and Taxis
R700 - Pre-war caravan
R701 - Morris 8 saloon
R702 - Austin 16 York 1935
R703 - Ford Model Y
R704 - Austin 14 Goodwood 1937
R705 - Morris 8 Tourer 1934
R706 - Wolseley Wasp 1936
R707 - Rolls Royce Phantom 111 1937
R708 - B.S.A. 10 F/H Coupé 1935
R709 - Riley Saloon
R710 - S.S. Jaguar 2.5 litre 1936
R711 - Rover 16 saloon
R712 - Austin 7
R713 - Wolseley 6
R714 - Ford V8
R715 - Morgan 3-wheeler
R716 - Post-war Austin Taxi
R717 - Morris 8 Tourer closed

Twin Packs
R699 - Twin pack (contains parts for R604 and R615)
R799 - Twin pack (contains parts for R700 and R714)

Unplaced in above listings
Not Sure of Number/Details
16Am - AEC Regal/Roe BET Style B32F 1938 (ex-Model Bus Company)
R148 - WW2 Gas Producer Trailer
R266 - AEC 10T10 LT Country Area Bus Coach

Number Conflicts
R227 - AEC/Weymann Aldershot & District DP (ex-Westward)
R227 - Weymann Hermes DP41F BET Style 1955/58 (suitable for AEC or Leyland chassis)
R273 - Bristol L/ECW B39R DP Half-cab GWR Brown/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)
R273 - Maudslay ML3 Half-cab GWR Brown/Cream Sides (ex-Brackenborough/EAMES, pre-printed plastic parts)

- MCW Metrobus MKII
- AEC or Leyland/Willowbrook BET Style Single Deck Bus 1964 (same as 225?)
- AEC Regent III RT-type London Transport          
- AEC Regent V Open Top (ex-Anbrico?)
- AEC Regent/Weymann Lowbridge London Transport Godstone(ex-Varney)
- AEC London General Omnibus Co./ London Transport Bluebird 1932    
- Atkinson Borderer Artic Tractor     
- BMMO Open Top   
- Leyland London Transpor RTL Class with Roof Box       
- Leyland PLSC3 Lion Front Entrance (ex-Anbrico)
- London General Omnibus Co. T Rear Entrance 1929        
- London Transport DMS Early Style           
- London Transport DMS Late Style 
- London Transport RF Sightseeing    
- London Transport T Front Entrance 1929

87th Scale Page

What This Entry Needs
Current status of companies/moulds
Listing is not perfect and could do with input/sorting

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