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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Accoutrements LLC. - Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee, USA-via-Hong Kong / China (parent/holding company)
Accoutrements LLC., 10915 47th Ave W, Mukilteo, WA 98275 USA (brand)
Tel: (425) 349-3838 (customer service)
Tel: (800) 886-2221(order line)
Fax: (425) 349-5188
Website: http://accoutrements.com/shop/ (retail customers)
McPhee.com (trade sales)
eMail: info@accoutrements.com (general inquiries)
eMail: webmaster@accoutrements.com (webmasters/trade)


See also; Blue Box, BuM / BuM Slot and; Giant

US based novelty jobber/importer - online and mail-order - shipping HK/China production to the US, full inventory is somewhere between a 1960’s joke shop and a modern ‘Party’ store, with a few bits of home ware, religious iconography, tourist trinket and general novelty thrown on to the pile of ‘executive toys’, also operated with a physical shop under the Archie Mcfee title, from whence came the mail-order catalogue in the early 1990's.

Listings (Figural)
Toss Sets (35/40mm figures with catapult)
11487 - Boss Toss (4 figures)
11499 - Executives (4 figures, no catapult, ammo for Boss Toss)
11799 - Mini Flying Monkeys (4figures)
? - Mini Flying Ninjas (4 figures)
? - Mini Flying Nuns (4 figures)
11751 - Mini Marauding Pirates (4 figures, no catapult, ammo for Pirate Attack)
11738 - Pirate Attack (4x40mm figures)
11550 - Wedding Couples (tub of 72 figures, no catapult, ammo for Wedding Slinger)
11546 - Wedding Slinger, the (4 figures)

Single Items
- Fashion Models (4 poses, 70mm)
- Nun (54mm)
- St. Maria (54mm)

Bagged Figures Etc...
- Farmers (40mm)
- Monster Women (54mm)
- Monsters (50mm)
- Spacemen (50mm)
- US V's Commies (54mm Tim Mee copies in green and red)

Re-issues of the Giant figures (early 1990's, from the original moulds, Giant mark scratched-out on mould, the same figures were then issued by BuM Slot)
(YF) Nọ 810 - Mongolians and Castle (20mm, subscale castle)
(YF) Nọ 811 - Romans and Castles (20mm, subscale castle)

11571 - Mini Camelot Play Set (25mm action figure knights, dragons etc...ex-Blue Box)
- Chicken Coop (mixed scales/sizes)
- Evolving Darwin Play Set ("From 'fish-man' to 'genius' in only 350 million years", approximately 60mm)
- Hula Girl
- Mona Lisa
- Rosie the Riveter

Archduke Piccalo's review of: Commies V's USA

What They Say
"For over 25 years we've provided the world with amazing products that provoke, challenge and entertain. From our Yodelling Pickle to our Bacon Bandages, we create things that people need to have!

You won't find bland and boring products here, in fact, we pride ourselves on being less disappointing than other companies. We produce things we love in an original way. Each item has a fresh twist that makes it just a little bit better.

Don't risk boring your customers! Let our products make your business more memorable.

What This Entry Needs
Better product listing.

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