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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Adams Action Model

Hawthorne, California, USA

Flourished: mid-late1950's-1960's

Model kits in injection moulded plastic, some of the AFV range were re-issued under the Snap-kit trade-name, moulds passed to, copied or inherited by Life-Like and Lindburg, some having possibly been copied from Revell (which may explain the Snap-kit marketing exercise?). May all have come via Japanese Pirate, issued around 1958, with a catalogue in that year. The '…80 Days' balloon wasn't in that catalogue, but the film was released in 1958, so the model was likely issued as a late addition in 1958 or in early 1959

WWII/Modern Armour and Missiles (1:40th scale)
K-150 - ‘Honest John’ Missile
K-151 - Self-propelled Gun (M-40 155mm SPG)
K-152 - 105mm Gun Emplacement (105mm Howitzer)
K-153 - Atomic Cannon
K-154 - ‘Hawk’ Missile Battery (1x K-159, + launcher and rangefinder/radar trailer)
K-155 - ?
K-156 - Anti-Aircraft Gun
K-157 - Marine LVT (A) (4) (also; 'Marine Landing Craft'?)
K-158 - Aerial Missile Transporter (some boxings just; 'Missile Transporter', a ridiculous aerodynamic helicopter thing [Cessna YH-41?] with 3 over-scale Hawk missiles slung underneath)
K-159 - ‘Hawk’ Missile Carrier
- Operation Missile Support Gift Set (1 each; K-150, K151, and K-152, (with jeep?))
K-160 - ?
K-162 - ‘Thor’ Missile
K-161 - ‘Vanguard’ Missile

Horse drawn transport (re-issued by Life-Like)
K-230 - Stage Coach
K-231 - Covered Wagon
K-232 - Ranch Wagon
K-235 - Chuck Wagon
K-450 - “Ben Hur” Chariot

K-320 - N.S. Savannah (Nuclear-powered ship 1/424th scale, re-issued by Life-Like)
K-80:98 - 'La Coquette' The Balloon from 'Around The World in 80 Days' (no scale given, figures around 1:48/50th scale, accurate model of inaccurate movie balloon)
- Saab AJ.35 Draken (1:51st scale)

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