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Friday, 31 July 2015

ADM - ADM Modellbau - ADM-Modelle

ADM Modellbau were an old Model/hobby shop in the 1980's, possibly in Berlin/offered by a Lade-güter Bauer?
ADM-Modelle are reprted (V. Rudick) to be the originators of the ADM figures listed below
ADM are a brand of re-packed LW figures offered by the online hobby store Fuhrmann-Tiguren

Details for Fuhrmann-Tiguren
Postfach 1222 Deutshland D-18262 Gustrow, Germany

An ADM seem to have sold re-packed LW figures as in-house product available from Fuhrmann-Tiguren, see LW listing for fuller range, sets came in a click-shut bag with a descriptive sheet, may actually have been the (and see also) PB-Toys repacks, but equally; are the same as (and see also) AdP listing?

Listing (known Sets)
Best.-Nr.:adm 700l - Flugdeinstpersonal Sowjetische Luftstreitkréifte (Soviet Pilots and Groundcrew)
Best.-Nr.:adm 7032 - Sowjetische Infanterie mit Panzerbuchse PTRS-4l2 und DSchK l2,7mm 1945 (Soviets with anti-tank rifle and heavy machinegun, 6 figures)
Best.-Nr.:adm 7038 - Russiche Infanterie Moderne russ. Infanterie mit SMG l2,7mm und Femrohr (modern Soviets with HMG and telescope on tripod, 5 figures)
Best.-Nr.:adm 7039 - Moderne Russiche Infanterie mit Leichtgeschütz und Panzerabwehrrakete (modern Soviets with recoilless rifle and ATGW launcher, 6 figures)
Best.-Nr.:adm 7108 - Mujahedin (Afghanistan 1980's, 10 figures and gun)
Best.-Nr.:adm 18741 Französiche und deutsche Piloten Erster Weltkrieg (French and German pilots, WWI, 12 figures)


What This Entry Needs*
Clarification of the various ADM's
Source of the figures discussed
Further listings of original product
Further contact details for all ADM's
Role of Fuhrmann-Tiguren

*Entry made be split at some point 

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