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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Amscan - Amscan Incorporated - Amscan International Ltd.

US, UK and elsewhere via Hong Kong - now China

Amscan Inc., Harrison, NY10528, New York, USA (old head-office)
Amscan Inc., Elmsford, NY10523, New York, USA (head-office)
Amscan Canada Ltd., Dorval, Quebec, Canada, H9P 2T8 (old office)
Amscan Canada Ltd., North York, Ontario, Canada, M3J 2E8
Amscan International, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, MK10 0DA, UK (Amscan International head-office)
Amscan Europe GmbH, Dettinger Straße 148, D-73230, Kirchheim/Tech, Germany
Amscan de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., El Salto, Jalisco 45690, Mexico
Amscan Asia Pacific, Baulkham Hills, Sydney 2153, Australia

Website - Amscan US
Website - Amscan UK


Product Listing
Small-scale Military (early 1990's, Russians, 8th Army and Japanese)
39129 - 4 Army Men (UK, Airfix copies with US Marines in 4th blister)
39129 - 4 Army Men (UK, Airfix copies with 8th Army in 4th blister)

Other figures
4516 -Wedding Couple (2000's, cocktail sticks of 35mm couple with ‘cheese spike’)
396163 - Skeleton Figurines/Estatuillas de Esceleto (54mm approx, US/Mexico, Halloween graphics, 2010's)
- 8 Pirate Figures (ex-Hing Fat, shaped blister; no plank-walker 1990's-2000's)
- Bride & Groom (50mm cake decorations)
- Skeleton Paratoopers/Calaveras Paraciadista (10 skeletons with parachutes, 2016)

Bendy Toys (PVC, with Bronco, 1978/79)
- Popeye (1978)
- Olive Oyl (1978)
44008 - Genuine Popeye Canned Spinach Surprise (both figures in plastic 'tin', 1979)

Larger Scales (2010's)
290277 - Individual Cat (UK, various designs, also marketed in the US by MTC)
- Cats (as last, bagged in tens, no code sold in fours by MTC)
9900368 - Dinosaurs Attack (for Reithmüller)

Value Packs (2010's, US/[French] Canada/Mexico multi-lingual rack toy range)
- 36 Bugs (3x12 large/giant insects, PVC)
- 36 Zoo Animals (3x12 designs, PVC)
390228 - 6 Paratroopers (large blow-moulds, 2x3 colours)
- 6 Stacking Character Erasers (parts for 2x3 designs)
- 6 Track Racers (push-button launcher F1 types, approximately 1:70th scale)
- 8 Trucks (2 puddle-jumpers, 3 pick-ups, 3 vans, around 1:65th scale)
- 6 Monster Erasers/Sharpeners (googly-eyes, various designs/colours, assortment)
- 10 Diecast Cars (various designs/graphics, Matchbox 1-75 size)
- 12 3D Fossil Puzzles (crude micro-dinosaur skeletons, 3x4 designs)
- 12 Alien Attack Flingers (sticky-rubber, silver, approx 60mm)
- 12 Creature keychains (3x designs, 2x colours)
390201 - 12 Parachute Men (50mm, varied mix of 6 colours)
- 12 Paratroopers (lions, tigers, bears and dogs with parachutes!)
- 12 Sea Animal Erasers
398205 - 12 Unicorn Erasers
- 12 Whistles (mix of basketballs, footballs, baseballs and US footballs, with cords)
398218 - 12 Wooly Monsters

Other Novelty Items (alphabetical)
- Baseball Whistles (2000's, x12, with cord)
- Basketball Whistles (2000's, x12, with cord)
- Football Whistles (2000's, x12, with cord, US football/gridiron type balls)
- Soccer Ball Whistles (2000's, x12, with cord)
- 12 Whistles/Siffletes (2000's, 2x-each of above four types)
6990 - Party Cake Toppings (1980's 5x animal-coach circus-trains with candles and locomotive)
- Spooky Village Bag O' Bats (12 bats in a carded net, 2016)
- Tooth-pick flags (wooden with paper flag, 1980's, at least 15 different designs, for beach sand-castles and as cocktail sticks)
- 10 Favour Pack - Plastic Eyeballs (10 ping-pong balls over-printed as eyes)


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